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The Officer is the nation’s only publication exclusively dedicated to Citizen Warriors. Delivering the insight and analysis Reservists won’t find anywhere else, The Officer covers everything you need for your life in and out of uniform

  • Feature stories, expert analysis, and in-depth articles on the Reserve Components, missions involving Citizen Warriors, national security issues, and Reservists balancing civilian and military careers
  • An insider’s review of legislation affecting Reservists and ROA’s activities among policymakers
  • Discussion of legal issues specifically concerning Citizen Warriors and their families
  • Reports on and profiles of programs for Reservists’ spouses and children
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UnReserved: A Blog for Citizen Warriors

A blog by Reservists for Reservists, where you're sure to be heard loud and clear. Moderated by the Reserve Officers Association, ROA's blog is an open forum for original editorial and opinion on issues related to Reserve life at home, at work and on the battlefield.

* The opinions expressed on this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily represent

those of the Reserve Officers Association and its members

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The Reserve Voice

The ReserveVoice is ROA's weekly e-newsletter. It contains Advocacy, Law Center, Education, and Member updates as well as other important announcements and information.

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